5 New Technologies Worth Watching

My annual harvesting at Inman News Real Estate Connect SF, the definitive meeting of the best tech and real estate minds, once again is yielding a bumper crop.

trackr bravo mini gps

At the pre-show, Agent Reboot, James Dwiggins, CEO of Nexthome and a certified tech-gadget junkie, presented a few technologies worth watching.

Moore’s Law is ever so present in the rapid deployment we are seeing in the ‘Internet of Things” that will be changing how we live, work and play.


It’s billed as the world’s first affordable eye tracker.  Search for a home, on the Internet, with your eyes.  Or play Fruit Ninja the same way: Game or browse with one’s eyes.  Oh my.

Watch this video – here.


You don’t need no stinking mouse. Just a thumb: After all, it’s opposable thumbs that differentiate us from other species. The ideal: Control everything with a little gadget, a little bit larger than a ring, on your thumb.  Turn the volume in your car up and down, change the channel, lights on inside your home, lights off, and so on.

See for yourself the concept in this video – here.


Introducing the thrifty person’s home automation system. Let’s face it: Smart home automation technology has been around for decades. Two things have limited its growth: Price point for the best ones, and quality and reliability for the low-end solutions.

Piper attempts to bridge the gap at about a $300 price point for a small, but potent, system.

See their video demo – here.

TrackR Bravo

I saved the best for last. This is LoJack for everything. For under $20.

It’s a coin-sized GPS locator, billed as the thinnest on the market. It uses a social network model – other users in the area help you find what your little locator is attached to: Your keys, your bike, your smartphone, even your dog!

See the product in use – here.

Real Estate Connect isn’t a gadget show, but you’ll always see stuff here that you would otherwise discover months later.

Thinking about how to apply these gadgets to selling homes and satisfying consumers is the next logical step, and I already have my eye on these mini-GPS devices as perhaps the best closing gift, ever.

Matterport 3D

This has to be the coolest technology that will get the most traction in real estate as more than 50 percent of all home shoppers begin their journey on the Web. It’s puts a virtual tour to shame: It’s 3D mapping without any plugins, add-ons or special players. Just go to their website and you’ll have the same reaction as when you first saw Avatar: You are emerged into a home, online, like never before. Zoom out and you have a 3-dimensional floor plan. It’s crazy good.  The downside: Price, but that will come down, it always done. For high end brokers: The camera costs $4,500, and $1,500 a year for hosting.

See the website here and the demo video is here.

 Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 8.51.54 PM