LinkedIn: Take that Facebook and Twitter

linkedinThank you LinkedIn. While Facebook continues to limit who actually has an opportunity to see your posts, LinkedIn is far more generous in sharing and more effective in delivering corporate website traffic.

According to a two-year research study of two million monthly visits to five-dozen corporate websites, Econsultancy notes LinkedIn is the clear winner when it comes to social referrals to your corporate homepage and reaching more people with your status update.

Let’s say it another way: LinkedIn is your No. 1 social referral source, period.

A single LinkedIn status update reaches 20% of your followers, while FB delivers fewer than 7 percent.

More importantly, LinkedIn, over the last two years, delivered nearly quadruple the number of referrals versus second-place Facebook.

The study found LinkedIn sent 64% of social referrals to corporate homepages, while Facebook only sent 17%. Twitter was a close second to FB with a 14% referral to homepage rate.

It should be no surprise to LinkedIn users that it is now the third-fastest growing social network, according to Pew Research.

The study also had some other highly interesting nuggets:

YouTube delivers a measly .01% share of referrals to corporate websites, the same as SlideShare and Google+

  • 60% of LinkedIn users are looking for industry insight
  • Over half are looking for your Company news
  • 43% are looking for your products and services

In terms of when to post on LinkedIn, forget evenings, late afternoons and weekends: The busiest times are morning and midday, Monday through Friday. No surprise.

What is surprising is that LinkedIn gives you so much for free, which worries me. I can see more tightening in the future as they push for more paid users, especially as their footprint spreads, and deepens.

Do you expect less free features in the future from LinkedIn? Or will they beef up the paid services value? If you are like me, do you ping LinkedIn when you meet someone new in your daily course of business? Would you miss it if you couldn’t really assess who they are?

Please share your comments on LinkedIn and what’s likely to happen as their influence continues to grow.