Strategic communications

Strategic communications

Buzz-generating campaigns, survey programs, data-point news blitzes, event-driven outreach each with multifaceted tactics to produce powerful results.

Strategic communications solves business problems.

It’s more than a campaign or a publicity blitz: It leverages all available channels – social media, traditional media, influencers, industry thought leaders and other key internal and external audiences – in a coordinated and tactical approach integrating into sales and marketing to help grow your business and increase your profits.

Case Study

A major mortgage lender was rapidly opening up new loan offices in multiple states. However, their loan officers encountered “closed offices” — real estate brokerage firms that banned cold calling visits. Realtor referrals were vital to loan office success, but closed offices impeded their efforts.

A comprehensive Realtor Program was created to remove this barrier. Kevin Hawkins was its chief architect. This Program was fully integrated into the bank’s marketing and sales programs and included a vital Strategic PR component: A national “Realty Confidence Index” that opened the closed offices to the bank’s loan officers.


The managers of each office conducted the quarterly survey. They contacted the broker-owners of the closed offices and invited them to participate as an industry expert in a national survey. The prestige of the invitation secured their participation. The loan office manager at the end of the in-person survey intervierw, asked for permission of the broker-owner to share their contact information with local news media for possible interviews once the survey results were released. They also told the broker-owner that their name, title and firm would appear in a printed report the bank would be providing them free of charge to share with their agents.

More than 200 other firms participating nationwide.  The overall survey results were released on a national paid news wire and local personalized news releases that included the name of local participants were issued to local news media in each of the markets that participated.

The biggest benefit for the loan offices: The survey approach was so successful every single broker-owner INVITED the loan manager to attend one of their weekly meetings with one of their loan officers to talk about the products the bank offered.

The bank became one of the nation’s leading home mortgage lenders and the Realtor Program was a crucial contributor to its rapid success.

Content creation

Content creation

Superior quality news releases, eMail campaigns, executive blogs, eNewsletters, corporate bios, video scripts, company profiles and more.

Kevin Hawkins is an award-winning writer. In fact, he’s the only non-journalist member of the National Association of Real Estate editors to win their writing award. He won the only two they ever offered to non-journalists: Best News Release and Best Overall Media Campaign.

He also was part of the team at California Real Estate magazine that won a national magazine writing award for the CAR 100th Anniversary issue, having penned two features for the issue. As the magazines Profile writer, he authored more than 40 feature stories on the leaders of the real estate industry (see the list here).

A multifaceted writer with a knack for creating compelling news hooks, he wrote and edited with a team of other award-winning writers, dozens of drip email marketing Campaigns for RE/MAX LLC, created the most widely read weekly real estate marketing eNewsletter among brokers and agents, developed scripts for cutting edge industry videos, and has written several hundred news releases that has garnered literally billions of impressions.

Media relations

Media relations

Kevin has best track record in working with real estate trade media. Ask anyone. Trade coverage connects you with industry decision makers and increases your mindshare among influencers.

Trade media has become one of the most ignored mediums of the Internet age. Until you realize the category has actually exploded with proliferation of Blogs and trade-focused social media mavens.

However, traditional trade publications still are often treated as second class citizens within a firm’s communication strategy or simply as an afterthought.

That’s a huge mistake.

Trade media coverage is often the linchpin in one’s success with mass consumer media as trade coverage is often earlier to trends and that’s where consumer reporters look to for what’s next.

Trade media also can be the catalyst to maximizing one’s social media footprint.

By focusing specifically on trade media, Kevin can help your firm fill the gap in your marketing and communications efforts.



Whether you are launching a new company or product, you have one chance to make a first impression so you better do it right. That doesn’t mean you have to break the bank.

Kevin specializes in ways to make a million dollar impact without spending a million dollars on marketing.

The launch of, which became one of the most heavily trafficated real estate websites is an example.

By employing what was then considered cutting-edge guerrilla marketing techniques, Kevin spearheaded an aggressive launch that resulted in more than 1,000 real estate agents registering on the new website in just 48 hours.

As part of the PR team that launched Fannie Mae’s $1 Trillion Commitment Campaign, Kevin’s tactics resulted in the top story on Page 1 of USA Today. This one story resulted in hundreds of radio and television news stories across the country.

Most recently, for Imprev’s launch of Berkshire Hathaway Fox & Roach REALTORS automated marketing system, Kevin was able to generate more than 200,000 social media impressions, in addition to trade media coverage in all the industry’s major publications.

Each of these launches have one thing in common: All were done without a major spend.



Every company and every leader has a story to tell. Storytelling is the best way to genuinely connect with your audiences, from investors to the people who buy your goods and services.

Kevin helps you tell your story. He’s been a storyteller for more than two decades. His intuitive interviewing skills allows him to uncover those golden nuggets in people’s lives the often forget, but makes one heck of a lead for a business or personal profile.

Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist, has an incredible story as the Internet’s most reluctant mogul. How many people would have turned away billions offered by eBay to buy their company?

Gary Keller, founder of Keller Williams Realty, came from a family of teachers: His mother was a teacher, his father was a teacher, he had uncles and aunts who were teachers,
and even his big sister today is a teacher. So why didn’t Gary Keller, Cofounder and Chairman of the largest brokerage firms in the US become a teacher?

And why did the founders of Zillow, Richard Barton and Lloyd Frink, the team that catapulted Expedia into the world’s largest online travel service that forever changed the travel industry, flinch when asked if they wanted to become the “Google of real estate?”

These are all great stories that Kevin has told in profiles for California Real Estate magazine.

Kevin can help you or your firm answer the question, What’s your story?



Video is the world’s most powerful, pervasive and persuasive medium and the best way to connect with and engage your audiences, using short, socially relevant and mobile-ready content.

Kevin and Tom Kelly, syndicated columnist, author and talk show host, created Inman Home Video for Inman News six years before the dawn of YouTube.

Using humor, their early “how-to” videos for real estate remain fresh and relevant today, such as their collaboration on “5 Steps to Spruce up Your Home for Sale.

Kevin has a passion for video that began in high school.  He has produced dozens of videos and recently created a series of  internal demonstration videos at Imprev for BHHS Fox & Roach REALTORS and its agents, showcasing features of its new automated marketing system.

Last year for RE/MAX, Kevin scripted and directed a promotional video for its new Campaigns – a drip email marketing product offered by Imprev.

Today, Kevin offers short video production services to help businesses promote themselves and their products and offerings.